Getting a Barangay Clearance at Brgy. Tisa is Fun!

Not a real biggie but I’m just seriously impressed with one of our government services today. I know, I know…you must be out there thinking, “Like, really??” Lol! But yes, I’m serious. 😉 A government service actually did impress me.


So a little backstory.

I don’t know what year that was but there was a time I needed to secure a barangay clearance as one of the employment requirements. I marched down to the barangay hall in Tisa around 10 AM I think (because of course, we know offices open at 8AM so I just wanted to be sure they’re open but not yet crowded). So there I was and true enough, the office was already open but with only two people manning the tables.

I told one of the ladies what I needed so she pointed me to a piece of scratch paper (which served as the form).  Written on the form were Name, Address, Phone number and Purpose.

So I filled out the “form” and she told me to give the form to the lady in the other table. Then the second lady got some paper and started typing (on typewriter) from the details in my form. The paper was already pre-filled with blanks spaces to type in the name and the address. Once she’s done, she handed the paper (clearance) to the first lady at the same time asking “Pila lang nah?” (How much could that be?)

Okay now, wait a minute… by the way they were talking, it sounded to me like the document “fee” is subjective. The first lady answered with “Fifty na lang.” I don’t know how to explain it now but it really sounded to me like a “sabot-sabot lang” kind of pricing. Like there was no fixed rate and each transaction is charged based on their…”mood”? Anyway, I decided to just brush it off since I needed the document and I knew every document transaction comes with a fee. So I handed over my payment but instead of being handed back a receipt(!), the lady just stood up and told me to come with her, so they can get the document signed by the Brgy Captain!

After I handed over the money:
Lady 1: Tara day, pasign sah ta. (Let’s go, let’s have this signed.)
Lady 1 to Lady 2: Adto sah ko Day. (I’ll go now) *Then we proceeded to exit the office*

All the while I was thinking, whatda!!! Now this was a few years back, so I vaguely recall some of the details but I can clearly remember HOW WE WENT OUT OF THE BARANGAY HALL AND WALKED TOWARDS THE HOUSE OF THE BARANGAY CAPTAIN. Pffft! At first I wasn’t sure where we were headed until we arrived and she told me to wait (right outside the living room) while she had our DEAR CAPTAIN sign the damn document IN THE COMFORT OF HIS HOME, at TEN O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!

Sosyal si Kap, nasa bahay ang opisina!!! PFFFT! And the fifty pesos, well, I don’t know who’s pocket that went to. As far as what happened in the “hall”, there was no record of the transaction: no receipt, no logbook, nada.

Now, back to this morning.

So today, for the second time I needed to secure a barangay clearance. I have an Aunt who now worked there so she knows how things are done. I inquired first so that I know what to expect or how much to prepare and guess what, NADA! The clearance document at Brgy. Tisa have ZERO fee! Zilch. So yeah, that’s already one point for the new administration. 🙂 (Btw, we changed Captain a few years ago so yes, Brgy. Tisa is now under a new admin!)

I also inquired the business hours (not to judge but then again there are offices that should be open by 8 but are not “operating” till later time), and she told me it’s open by 8AM.

So this morning I went to the hall. I was actually already in the area a quarter before 8 and there were already people outside the hall. So at exactly 8AM, I marched up the stairs and was greeted by two ladies, one of them asking what I needed. I also noticed two teenagers sitting in two separate tables with PCs, and a few more people scattered and seated in the office.

I answered that I need to secure a clearance and she asked for the purpose, and I told her and then she pointed me to a form to fill out. This time I noticed the form indeed looked like a “form”. It was printed form with more detailed information and printed on used bondpaper (another point for the form and for recycling!). The lady grabbed a chair for me to sit (accommodating, 3rd point!). After less than 2 minutes of filling up the form, the teenager from the first PC approached me to get the from and she started typing in my information. She asked me to verify the information (correctness, spelling, etc.) and asked me to sit against the wall behind for the picture taking.

Around 5 minutes after I walked in, teenager from the second table is now printing my clearance. And then she told me to check, sign and stamp. And they she told me to sign the logbook and I’m done. 🙂 (two more points for the speed / duration!)

Seriously, less than 10 minutes and zero pesos after, I got my printed out Barangay Clearance, complete with picture, signature and stamp!!! So yes, I was impressed. (especially if you compare it to my first time!)

Now, my friend was also getting her clearance this morning and she just told me she paid Php65 for hers. Barangay is in Mandaue area. So yeah, clearly it varies per barangay. 😉

How To Get a Barangay Clearance in Tisa:

1. Go to the 2nd Floor of Tisa Brgy Hall (beside Tisa I Elem/Night HS)
2. Fill out the Barangay Clearance form (table near the door)
3. Submit filled-out form to personnel in Table 1.
4. Check/Verify correct information encoded.
5. Have your picture taken.
6. Move to Table 2 and check the printout.
7. Sign and stamp (both thumbs) clearance.
8. Write your name and signature in logbook.
9. Wipe blue ink off your thumbs in the rag 😉 Hehe
10. Thank them and go!

In and out in less than 10 minutes. 🙂

It’s one of those days that I like living in Tisa (other days are when I’m craving for siomai!!! *wink*)

How about you guys? How easy or grueling was your experience getting clearance from your place? 🙂 Either way, just get it over with! And…

Keep grinding,


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