And I’m at it again!

Yep, I’m blogging again. But this time, with my own domain!!! *screams* TBH, I couldn’t be more excited to do this. To do this, consistently, at that. 😉

After I bought the domain and paid for hosting, I thought I was about ready to go. But oh my, I couldn’t be more wrong! I wanted to have those options and navigation menu up there, pictures, categories on the side, and whatnot – and by God how long its taking me to do all this! *cries in silence*

But thanks to the ever-reliable Google, I was able to put bits and pieces of it together and now– almost a week after domain purchase– it’s starting to look somewhat presentable (?). Hahaha! At least for me. 😀

Oh well, a few more Google searches to go and about a hundred more trial and errors, and I’m sure I can get this up and running in no time. Watch me. (jk!)

Hmmm… thinking about it now, maybe I’ll make my first “official” post about setting up your own site/blog eh? At least if some rookie…like me would stumble upon this blog while their putting up their own, then least I’ve done my share of good deed. 🙂 LOL

Anyway, that’s it for me for now. Can’t wait to get this thing officially started! *screams excitedly* Hahaha

Keep grinding,

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