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“Do not compare your Chapter One to someone else’s Chapter Five.”

We have different timelines. That’s what I come to realize after I got out of school and found that the playing field doesn’t have a start line and a finish line.

Is the playing field fair?

Honestly, I still don’t know. Sometimes, we fall to believe that others are ahead in their chapters because of what they’ve been handed with. They had a good head start, they had privileges, they had what others might say “unfair advantage”. On some level, these might be true, yes. There are others who are ‘ahead of the game” because they know people, or because their “mommy and daddy” gave it to them.

But I still believe though that your circumstance doesn’t define you. Your circumstance doesn’t predict what you are meant to become. Cliché it may sound, that you hold your own destiny but so be it. You have to believe that you have no limits. That you have all the capacity to up your game, to advance your life’s chapter – if you so desire.

Your environment, the people around you, these are all external factors. Factors that has no control over you unless you allow them to.

It’s been 13 years since I finished college but when I look around I realize I am working with people 5, 10, or even years younger than me! I used to remember how worried we became of failing a subject, or worse not graduating along with the rest. I remembered how much I prayed during exams, how I felt like every single test, every single project is a matter of life and death. How I pleaded and prayed to pass the board exams. But now, you know what, looking back I realized how those “big” “life and death’ moments were just very tiny specks of this very big picture of LIFE.

Today, I remembered every petty thing I cried over, every little wish, every “big” event that I thought will define who I am or I decide how my life will eventually end up.

And boy was I very wrong.

The ideals that I had of what life is gonna be, what life is supposed to be are way, way far out to how things really turned out.

Reality bites. Definitely true. Just when you thought you have things all planned out, and then reality bites you in the a**.

So trust me, make your own timeline. Go at your own pace. Do the things you want at the time you want to do them, and not because society dictates that you have to!

Do what excites you, what makes you break in cold sweat, what makes your knees weak, do it. Do every single thing that makes your heart skip of a bit. And BE FREE by your own definition, and not by how other people define it.

Be scared, but move. Always keep moving. And lastly,

Bloom… at your own time, and when your heart is in the right place.


a true-blue cebuana mom. eager traveler. striving baker. amateur writer. hopeful photographer. overthinker. minimalist. emotional eater. coffee drinker. chocolate lover. and a big-time foodie.

Between Grinds chronicles the places I've been to and the foods I've devoured - in between the daily grinding that is LIFE! And also, there's cake. Lots of it.

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