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“Reel” clever

Reel Pizza is a comfortable-size pizza parlor located at the Ground Floor of J Center Mall, Mandaue City.

The interior has some “reel” décor and displays. Chairs were even designed to mimic that of the movie directors.

And yes, they do have some displays of classic movie posters on the wall.

The place was clean, and the ambiance and motif was nice.

Now, let’s talk about what’s reely important here.

Here are some shots of their menu.

And some more carbs. Okay, some protein too.

We’ve only been to this place twice, so no, we haven’t actually tried everything on the menu. Just I do have a few insights that might help.


The prices are about the same as the other pizza places.


For the pizza, we’ve only tried Margarita and I liked it. But I guess that’s kinda biased opinion though ‘coz I’ve only tried one other place for Margarita pizza, and I liked this one better.

The garlic knots are like small ensymadas, the bread was tasty but I felt they lacked garlic bits. Perhaps I was expecting something like Sbarro’s, where you can really see and bite into the garlic bits on the bread. Swoon.

The fried wings were okay, nothing really fancy. They looked just like how they did in the picture. We had the spicy kind.

For the pasta, we have tried the bacon and egg, the garlic/chili/oil, and the carbonara. Again, they looked just how they did in the picture. They didn’t have any sauce, just a littttle bit of oil which made them “dry”, at least for my taste. Like after they were served and you don’t dig on them right away, the noodles turned dry. Perhaps they’re supposed to be that way.

The garlic/chili didn’t have much garlic or chili but then it was 75 pesos, so it seems like you pretty much only had some noodles.

The bacon/egg version was like the garlic/oil with some added “bacon bits” and egg on top – for 160 pesos which was an additional 85 pesos to the plain garlic one. So yeah, technically we paid 85 pesos for the egg and bacon bits.

The carbonara was like garic/oil with additional mushroom bits and litttttle bit of cream/white sauce – 105-pesos price difference from the plain garlic/oil.

The bolognese and meatballs do look like they have “more” sauce though. So we’ll see, if ever, we happen to drop by the place again next time. Maybe third time’s a charm – for the pasta.

And here’s moi with “America’s rebel”, James Dean.

Did you know that James Dean received posthumous Oscar nominations for his first and last ever screen performances: East of Eden (1955) and Giant (1956)?

You didn’t? At least we both know now. #movietrivia

So anyway, the pizza place opens and closes the same time as the mall hours. It is located beside that shawarma place (Heh!), and just alongside the BPI ATM machine. Trust me it’s easy to locate. 

Once you’re in the mall entrance, just turn right. You’ll see Dessert Factory – that Shawarma Place – Reel Pizza, in that order.

See? That ain’t too hard. 😉

Go have some Margarita for me! {And I mean the pizza, not the drink. ;-)}

Now, I’ll get myself some drink.

Keep grinding,


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