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Today I got so tired, eyes and head hurting, that I literally had to abruptly stop what I was doing and close my eyes for like 5 whole minutes.🤕

I wasn’t just physically tired but some worries and doubts started creeping up on me.

But then this picture quote I made last year popped in my head…

Turns out, to get out of my own head and to calm the anxieties I felt, I just needed to remember His promise. ❤️


Me not worrying, just trusting His plans

Keep grinding,


a true-blue cebuana mom. eager traveler. striving baker. amateur writer. hopeful photographer. overthinker. minimalist. emotional eater. coffee drinker. chocolate lover. and a big-time foodie.

Between Grinds chronicles the places I've been to and the foods I've devoured - in between the daily grinding that is LIFE! And also, there's cake. Lots of it.

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Hi. My name is Joan from the Queen City of the South (Cebu, Philippines).

amateur writer
wannabe traveler
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